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PolarBlast, Inc. has been servicing the industry along the Gulf Coast for more than nine years with our CO2 blast cleaning services. We have designed our equipment to quickly clean to minimize down time. CO2 blasting utilizes compressed air to propel dry ice pellets much like a sand blaster uses air to propel sand. We use dry ice pellets in place of sand, soda, or water, because it is completely non-abrasive. After cleaning, the pellets will sublimate, pass from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid. Therefore, there is no cleaning media residue requiring containment or disposal. This process is not designed to replace sand/soda/water blasting altogether, but is ideal when such processes are detrimental to the surface being cleaned, its surroundings, is an expensive disposal issue, or may pollute the process stream.


CO2 Blasting can remove food residues from:


Stainless steel




Some wood



Surroundings that make CO2 Blasting ideal:

Rotating Equipment

Running Machinery

Inside process vessels where removing


Electrical equipment

Other workers

other media would be too time consuming


Advantages to CO2 Blasting:

  • No cleaning media to contain, clean up or dispose
  • No surface deterioration
  • No exposure issues
  • Much faster and more thorough than labor and solvent scrubbing
  • No possibility of process equipment pollution by solvent cleaners.

do you need an expert CO₂ blaster?


201 Georgia Ave, Deer Park, Tx 77536

(281) 471-0362

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm

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