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Experience the state-of-the-art technology and years of personal service that makes PolarBlast the preferred service supplier in North America for the refinery, petrochemical and power generation industry. With one phone call, you have access to an experienced project manager who will plan around your schedule and needs. Whether it is cleaning process equipment, rotating equipment, furnaces, boilers, or simple exterior cosmetic cleaning, PolarBlast offers the appropriate program and technology to fulfill the demanding cleaning requirements of the Refinery, Petrochemical, and Power Generation industry.
Improving process performance and correcting environmentally damaging industrial processes are issues confronting plant managers worldwide. As a result, quality and efficiency are analyzed rigorously at each production step. Hidden within each plant are untapped cost savings that can be recovered by carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaning.
PolarBlast Inc. utilizes high-pressure CO2 pellet cleaning system that harnesses the impact-flushing power of high-velocity dry ice. This innovative system uses small, uniform pellets of solid carbon dioxide (CO2) as a cleaning agent. The actual cleaning process of dry ice pellets is best described as an impact-flushing action.
The high-speed dry ice pellets first penetrate the containment of coating. Upon hitting the base surface, the kinetic energy is converted to a lateral release of gas that acts as a gas wedge that lifts and shears the containment or coating.
This inside-out cleaning action is in stark contrast to that of abrasive grit, which works by a cutting or chiseling action that may damage the surface and alter critical dimensions. With CO2 pellet cleaning, pellet size and velocity can be varied by tailoring the cleaning performance to the specific application. Upon impact, the pellets instantly and safely sublimate back into the atmosphere.
In theory, CO2 cleaning technology seems simple, yet much expertise is required in effectively and efficiently applying the technology, especially within process environments. PolarBlast is trained, certified and adequately equipped to perform cleaning projects within timely shutdown schedules. By specializing the Refinery, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries, PolarBlast has received numerous contracts for its ability to offer a comprehensive cleaning solution.
We at Polar Blast have been the North American leader of CO2 Blast Cleaning since 1994. We have been renown for the ability to eliminate many of the environmental issues faced by the industry today and striving for shorter, more cost-effective shutdowns in today's market.
PolarBlast is the Industry Leader in:
  • Safety and Training
  • Superior cleaning technology
  • Process industry specific experience
  • Confined space certified personnel
  • Proven reliability and integrity in industry
  • Large industrial customer base of over 40 different plants
  • Use of total pneumatic high-pressure blast systems
  • Flex-lance tube cleaning
  • Custom nozzle design for industry specific needs
  • Nationwide Service
  • 24/7 Service

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201 Georgia Ave, Deer Park, Tx 77536

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Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm

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